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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Winter 2006

Winter cityscape in Chicago

After working hard this year, I was fortunate to have a very Merry Christmas as I traveled to many places during the season.

Wall mural from the Rila Monastery, Bulgaria.

On the way home from opening our successful exhibits in Sofia, Bulgaria at Lessedra Gallery, we were able spend one day in Munich because our flight was delayed. (Sofia exhibition photos coming soon.)

I made a visit to the world-famous Hofbrau House in Munich's old town.

When we returned we enjoyed a early Christmas celebration at home with Niki all dressed up for the occasion on December 23rd, Christmas Eve Eve.

This year I went with fake for the first time ever! Fake is fabulous when it's a silver tinsel tree!

On Christmas Eve we traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, and enjoyed classic holiday foods, such as the green cornflake marshmallow wreath.

Santa and his reindeer paid a visit of course.

Reindeer food.

Before Santa.

After Santa.

Fireplace in North Carolina.

Fireplace in South Carolina.

Later we drove to Salem, South Carolina and on the way, paid the local ostrich a visit.

Merry Christmas 2006!


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