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Friday, January 05, 2007

January Projects

Exhibition Opening Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Decadence in Prague

[Image: "Fire Mask" 2006-07,
plaster, acrylic paint, collage, 12" x 8" x 4"]

The hauntingly mysterious city of Prague, is both beautiful and simultaneously dark. This place is the source of creative inspiration for many artists over the centuries. Decadence is a fitting syndrome for the artist in Prague because it embodies both lovely elegance and the depths of the abyss. Within decadence, one is able to create and at the same time destroy. The incessant cycle of this artistic struggle leaves one crying for more.

[Image: "Garden of Eden" 2006, Ink on paper, 8" x 6" detail]

This January, a group exhibition adressing the theme of Decadence will open at the Academy of Fine Arts - Prague, (AVU) in the Czech Republic. This show of work by faculty of the School of the Art Institute's legendary Prague Studio Program will be organized in cooperation with the Decadence in Prague Symposium and the Contemporary Decadence exhibition now on view at the Obečni Dům in Prague's old town.

[Image: "Photo Double" 2005, video still, digital video animation, DVD RT 4:00]

I will exhibit a wide range of my work, including mixed media works on paper, prints, drawings and video animations. Although these works intentionally reflect my American perspective of contemporary culture, many of these pieces were created while I was in Prague, or Central and Eastern Europe and they combine beautiful European visual motifs with pervasive images of American advertising and media.

[Image: "Gambler" 2006-07,
acrylic and collage on paper, 12" x 9" detail view]

Celebrating 7 Years of Cooperation between the faculty of
Akademie výtvarných uméní v Praze and
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Exhibit opens Tuesday, 16, January, 2007
at Galerie AVU
19:00 - 21:00 Vernisáž
Akademie Vyntarích Umění, AVU
U Akademie 4
Praha 7
Prague, Czech Republic

Artists include:
Veronika Bromová
Jan Hísek
Pavel Klavaná
Igor Korpaczewski
Alan Labb
Martin Mainer
Merry-Beth Noble
Hague Williams
Richard Willenbrink


Travel Journal Debut!
January 2007

Introducing the debut of an exciting new project designed to present my personal sketchbooks as a 4-D virtual form available to viewers on line. The Travel Journal weblog is a way for me to alter the book into a new media form which is something I am exploring in my work. This weblog also allows friends and new visitors to keep up with me and my work while I am traveling abroad.

Each individual page of the journal will be posted without editing. The images are also shown without any additional descriptive text other than the page dates as post titles. I will create posts of each day from the book; some which have several pages and moving parts. This weblog is organized so you can read along with me as I travel, and revisit the blog to see additional new posts as I continue to work on the journal.

My current Travel Journal January 2007, covers my weeks in Prague, Czech Republic and other nearby cities, where I am working with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. An area I have been to many times, and am very fond of, I am still able to see new things in Prague, and I find this place a great source of creative inspiration.

To visit this new project go to my Profile and click "Travel Journal" under blogs, or simply click on "Travel Journal" under Links.


at the Jean Albano Gallery
January 5 - March 3, 2007

[Image: "Wonder Woman" 2006,
single color linocut print, Ed. 10, 8" x 6" detail]

Opens Friday January 5, 2007
5:30 - 7:30PM

See my new works on paper that are part of this group show presenting direct and indirect artistic responses to all types of "Relationships." Many of the exhibitors are artists who are well-known relationship partners.

Gallery is located at 215 W. Superior St.,
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 440-0770
Just south of the Chicago CTA Brown Line Stop,
between Franklin and Wells.

Gallery hours: Tues. - Fri. 10A - 5P
Sat. 11A - 5P

(For more information please visit the website
or click on "Jean Albano Gallery" under Links.)


At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mary-Beth.
I looked over your article, about exhibition in Prague n January 2007.
I am so upset that I could not visit this wonderful exhibition. I am sure that you had the success.
So, did you like the exhibition? Did you like Prague?


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