Messy Desk

by Merry-Beth Noble

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Content, Permissions & Contact

Messy Desk, 2006 - 2007
Content & Permissions

Please find below technical details, contact information, and content description for Messy Desk.

Messy Desk
web address:
Copyright 2006, 2007 Merry-Beth Noble
is an informational weblog that discusses art, exhibitions, art-education research, travel and creative projects.

My Journal, address:
Travel Journal 2007:
Paper Chase 2006:
are connected weblog projects by the same author that are found under the conceptual and cyber umbrella of Messy Desk.

Unless otherwise noted or credited, the text on this site is written by:
Merry-Beth Noble, MFA
Artist and Educator
at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
and the International Academy of Design & Technology,
Chicago, Illinois, USA
and Author of this site.

All images unless noted otherwise are taken by: Noble.
Noble is also solely responsible for the content of this weblog. Please feel free to contact her for further questions at the Email address listed below. Also feel free to leave comments within each post by clicking on the "comments" button at the end of each entry. Certain objects and artworks on this site may be available for purchase or exhibition loan. Please send an Email with your specific project inquiry and your message will be returned. Press may also contact Noble at the Email address below.

[Image at the right features
handmade ceramic
plate by artist Edith Abeyta]

In the spirit of collaboration, education and communication, Noble welcomes interaction and references made to this site and requests that credit be given to Noble when this content is used. Permission to use images and quotes may be obtained by contacting her at the following Email address:

Merry-Beth Noble

Your support and interest in this weblog is appreciated, and please keep re-visiting this site to see the latest news and updates. Thank you for visiting Messy Desk!

--- Merry-Beth Noble

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