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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Projects


My Journal -- Web Debut!
Life in Chicago viewed through a cell phone.

Announcing the debut of my new
on-line project "My Journal."

This image-based journal that begins on
May 29, 2007 was created to present a casual view of my everyday life as an artist in Chicago. Constructed completely from images and video taken on my T-Mobile cellphone, the photo journal is appropriately hosted on the T-Mobile pictures website! I can also credit T-Mobile with the catchy title: "My Journal" -- (which is included on the site free of charge, and can't be changed.)

Different than the Messy Desk, and Travel Journal 2007 weblogs that are more centered on travel, "My Journal" presents a personal view of the ever-changing landscape of the city where I work and live.

Click on different highlighted calendar dates or "most recent entry" to see photos and read journal text. You can also click on the "My Journal" heading and view all the entries in sequence. Also, because the journal is public there's no need to sign in to view the pictures.

Take a browse through the images and entries and feel free to leave your comments by clicking on each image to view a close-up and comment window.

Now it's up to you to decide the answer to the question, "Is it Art?"

IMPORTANT NOTE to Mac users:

Be sure to use Firefox as your browser or images won't appear clearly.
Safari will not work to view My Journal.
(PC users' browsers should work fine to view the images.)

To go directly to My Journal click on the "My Journal" in the links column to the right,
or type in the web address:

Be sure to return periodically to see new images and photos!


Still on view through May 11th 2007

"Big Sky"

This exhibition "pays homage to the sky and all of its proponents."

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
LG Space
37 S. Wabash Ave., #220
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 899-5131

(For more information such as gallery hours and directions,
view the post dated April 7th below.)


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